All is so fluid in the land of the Rising Sun, so gracious!

Dress code?

Women: you have a kimono but only wear it on rare occasions? Now is the time!

Share these lovely garments with us!

You don’t have a kimono? Choose your clothing having colours or designs that could recall these hypnotizing creatures!

Men… Not easy at first glance!

Actually, it’s rather simple, first of all you need to remember what a Geisha is:

A Geisha is, in Japan, an artist and a companion, who dedicates her life to the refined artistic practice of the traditional Japanese arts for accompanying and entertaining a wealthy clientele. (A Geisha is not an escort)!

So, for the men:

and if you were this business man captivated by these angels, a world of flowers and willows (the delicate flower, and the force and suppleness of a willow).

Masculine elegance!

Secretly, the Geisha is more than honoured to be at your sides, but is always happy you are there!
Looking for some inspiration? Or, simply to watch a remarkable movie?

I suggest you watch (or re-watch) this cult-classic: Memories of a Geisha ( Memories of a Geisha – trailer  )