Each weekend, L’Orage greats no less than 15% new couples.

Curious couples wanting to explore the Swinging lifestyle.

For some, the transition is easy, but others are more apprehensive.

Questions often come about: Will we feel comfortable if we are the only new ones at L’Orage?

Will we find anyone of interest if we don’t have the same level of experience?

Will we feel left out?

These are totally legitimate questions, and the answers depend on the personality of each and every one of you.

We can’t forget that the engine of the Lifestyle is renewal and discovery. Experienced couples are happy to see their friends, but also want to meet new people.

According to our statistics, only 40% of Orage members present on a given night belong to one or more Lifestyle Facebook groups!

That being said, we, at L’Orage, don’t want to fall into a routine.


We are proposing on Saturday, June 22nd THE night for new couples!

Take advantage of this night to take your first steps.

For this night only, those of you who have never had a membership to L’Orage, a Saturday at half-price:

Yearly membership 40$ (instead of 80$) and entry for 30$ (instead of 60$)

Attention : This offer is only valid for new members, not renewals of existing membership cards.

A welcome cocktail will be offered. Ok, while we’re at it, a welcome cocktail for everyone that night!

We’ve done our part… the rest is up to you!