Hello all,


In regards to all the goings on lately, and the efforts that the government is deploying to contain the propagation of the virus, L’Orage has decided not to open this weekend. 


We are closely monitoring the situation and will decide for the upcoming weeks. 


It’s hard of course, but we think that it’s not reasonable to gather together and allow/encourage the exchange of fluids – whatever they may be –  in light of the current situation .


Your health comes first!! 


Doing our civic duty now and again is not a bad thing either! 


We’ll still be open to greet those who did not get to see this message, but we will limit entry to about 20 people and the 2nd floor will be closed. 


I apologize for this decision, but we believe it’s for the best for all. 


Updates to come! 


JeePee and the entire virulent team of L’Orage.