Mardi Gras – New Orleans-style!
The theme: 3 bead necklaces will be given to the men upon their arrival at the club.

All women who “flash” them will receive a necklace.
Guys, let them try to convince you to give them one of your necklaces!


A woman who has 10 bead necklaces around her neck will receive a drink at the bar.

We’ll then take the necklaces and put them back into circulation!

Ladies, when a man gives you a necklace, make noise, be exuberant…

Attract as much attention to yourself as you can – you’ll see, it’ll be raining necklaces!



It’s not mandatory, but you can wear a costume.

The style? Ummm… kind of hard to define!

Just Google “Mardi Gras” and let your imagination run wild!