L’Orage in Covid-mode will become a meeting-club for exhibitionnism and voyeurism

Mask to go up to the end floor, and to “wander” around in the hallways. 

One couple per bed or game-station (mask not required). 

Voyeurs with mask and at 1 meter distance from one-another and of the scene they’re watching.

ATTENTION: We will be very strict! 

Our agreement rests on the confidence that the police have in us, as well as our willingness to get through this period by trying to adapt as best as possible to the government measures. 

IF the police came to visit during an evening: 

  • If you are standing, without a mask… Ticket! 
  • More than one couple on a bed…. Ticket!
  • If, after checking IDs, they realize that the woman on the bed is the wife of the man in the Japanese room who is actually with the wife of another man in another room…. Ticket!  

We will have a lot of staff on the floor, and we ask for your understanding and unconditional help on your end as well.

There will be ONE warning! 

In the case where rules are being broken or if we judge someone is being arrogant towards the staff, your membership card will be rendered 

Together, let’s make sure L’Orage will be around next summer to celebrate 26 years 

The entire team and myself are relying on your understanding.