Each weekend, L’Orage greats no less than 15% of new members.

Curious couples wanting to take the plunge into the Swinger Lifestyle.

For some, the task is easy, and they dive in with little apprehension.

More often than not, questions arise: will we be comfortable if we’re the only newbies at L’Orage?

Will we find “interests” if we don’t have as much experience as others? Will we feel somewhat like outcasts?

These are all legitimate questions, and the answers depend on the personality of each of you. We can’t forget that the main point of the Lifestyle is renewal and discovery.

Couples who are “regulars” are often happy to meet their friends, but, in general, have a thirst for new encounters.

Our stats show that only 40% of our regular clientele on any given night, are members of one or more Lifestyle Facebook groups!

At L’Orage, we don’t want to become part of a routine.

Therefore, on Saturday, January 8th, it will be THE evening for “newbies”!

Welcome cocktail, and, while we’re at it, for EVERYONE that night!!

We’ve done our part… the rest is up to you!