Presented in Partnership with L’Orage, PUBLIC DISGRACE is Montreal’s most popular fetish, kink, swinger soirée. An uncanny meeting ground of the tribes of SIN & BDSM. It is both a pleasure and an honor to be welcomed into such hallowed grounds for a milestone partnership event.

Special thanks to visionary owner JeePee and his team for opening the doors to this mystical temple of hedonism allowing us a taste of the LABYRINTH OF NAUGHTY PLEASURE.

Be it voyeurism, heavy BDSM play, FULL-ON LATEX OR PERVY EXHIBITION IN THE SHOWER OF DESIRE, The Labyrinth Public Disgrace will be tinged with mysterious corners where every whims and fantasies can be explored and enacted without boundaries.

IT IS A THRILL TO SHOWCASE L’ORAGE for this very special soirée. It will most assuredly be a must see and experience event fulfilling the beginning of a long-term partnership.

GET IN GEAR AND BE READY as the 2022 edition of the Montreal Fetish Weekend comes to a close with a memorable adventure OUTSIDE THE REALM OF BOUNDARIES AND PERCEPTION.




The Public Disgrace evenings are where two alternative milieus come together: The BDSM-Fetish (the players) and the Lifestylers (the guests).

A mix that isn’t evident, and requires on both sides, a thirst for discovery, a desire to share and a great capacity of respect, indulgence and comprehension.

Why? Because these two milieus each have their own rules of conduct which aren’t necessarily known by all.

Therefore, we need to understand that (for example) a person from the Lifestyle community may inadvertently enter the play area of two BDSM people in full scene.

Because it’s possible that people in the Fetish milieu don’t act exactly the same way facing two, three or six people engaging in sexual activities in a group.

This evening welcomes both people from the BDSM (the players), and those from the Lifestyle milieu (the guests).

It is important that the players realize that the guests are not used to the protocols of the BDSM community.

The guests must equally have a large capacity for tolerance.

If you aren’t familiar with BDSM games, you will definitely see some scenes of humiliation, games using whips, martinets and other items… In short, scenes you aren’t used to witnessing!

We ask you to assist these scenes with the most respect.

In the case where respect is lacking, towards the players or towards the guests, there will be only ONE warning!

The Dress Code:

  • The success of the evening relies in part on the respect of the “dress code”
  • Any person not complying will simply be refused access.
  • For the players: leather, latex, vinyl, or your usual play clothes.
  • For the guests: Men – black or dark suit (no jeans, no sport shoes, no t-shirts or tank tops will be accepted).
  • The women: Dresses or evening gowns, sexy clothes (please avoid bright colors)
  • As like the men, no jeans, sport shoes, t-shirts or camisoles will be accepted.


Once again, this chapter is rules by the logic of respect and tolerance.

Sexuality will have a big place during this evening, and sometimes in the form of humiliation.

Remember that every person present for a Public Disgrace evening is there for pleasure and acts consensually.

In conclusion, as much as the guests are expected to hear cries (good ones) of pain, is as much as the players are expected to hear cries of pleasure!

How wonderful!


L’Orage club holds a liquor permit. Even if alcohol lessens the inhibitions, we will ensure that there is no abuse.


7700 12ème AV   H2A 2Y7 (for GPS)

When : Septembre 4th Sunday at 9:30 pm  to 3 am


Couple: $60

(dominant/dominant and submissive/submissive (men-women) are considered as a couple).

Single man: $80

Single woman: $20

Cameras as well as cellular phones are forbidden. Anyone found not respecting these rules will be expulsed without refund.

We wish all of you an excellent evening.