Now let’s talk about this Saturday!I feel like saying that you really shouldn’t miss this Classic night at L’Orage but all of the Classics at L’Orage are unique!This one brings on a lot of heat, joy and a party atmosphere.Another classic at the Club, this is one of the most impressive nights!Those of you who attended the last few Mardi Gras, still remember!The principle of the night: We will give to the man of the couple (and to single men on Friday), 5 beaded necklaces as a start.When a woman presents herself in front of a man (or other couples) and flashes her boobs, the lucky man gets to put a beaded necklace around her neck.Once a woman has 15 necklaces, she can bring them to the bar and get a free drink!For the dress code… be extravagant, be colorful, be SEXY!!!Fun, and strong sensations guaranteed!

Fun is guarenteed! Stong sensations are optional if you so desire!Dress code?Well, the normal acceptable dress code of L’Orage but you can also let yourselves go with…Masks, sequins, bling and of course COLOR!