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March 23rd: White Night!  This will be the 4th edition of this amazing evening!     One of the most magical and elegant evenings – as usual – at L’Orage! This dress code (white) will not be mandatory, but strongle suggested. Those poor folks who don’t dress in white will feel like… well, out of […]

  Ahhh … back when music was good! I know… I’m old! Except that, quite often, the young ones discover this musical era and fall in love with the music! It’s our DJ Seb who will bring us down memory lane to relive these years. And, if you feel up to it, you can add […]

  A Wine & Tapas which announces upcoming Valentine’s day. I don’t know yet what Serge, our Sommelier, has in store for us, but I think there will be a lot of love!  

    BOND… JAMES BOND…   In the James Bond films, the women are always incredibly sexy!! Bond, well, he’s elegant, no matter the situation! For this evening, a tuxedo, suit & tie, or, even a bowtie hanging loosely around his neck, makes him an irresistible man…. Am I right ladies? Made with Belvedere Vodka […]

 “Seins” valentines: Of course, it’s now a classic event at L’Orage. Boobs & chocolate go very well together!     Show your boobs… win a drink! This is happening all 3 days of the weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)! Valentine’s day… a romantic holiday? Possible, but wow!

Along the lines of new things: For the past 2 or 3 years, our theme for Thursdays has been “Sexy Lounge”: relaxing music, chatting, meetings in a chill atmosphere. A change starting this week – we present: Pour rester dans le domaine de la nouveauté : SEXY GROOVE THURSDAYS! Not the same music as Fridays […]