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This Saturday, May 21st we are celebrating many birthdays!     My friend Anna Barista, yes, the one who has her personalized bathroom on the 2nd floor.. is also celebrating. She has a group of friends helping her make this night a memorable one! For this, she has made a theme for all her friends: […]

The Public Disgrace evenings are where two alternative milieus come together: The BDSM-Fetish (the players) and the Lifestylers (the guests). A mix that isn’t evident, and requires on both sides, a thirst for discovery, a desire to share and a great capacity of respect, indulgence and comprehension. Why? Because these two milieus each have their own […]

And now, the celebrated James Bond night! May 28th! This one as well was rescheduled many times, but it’s a good one!  ATTENTION: DRESS CODE IS MANDATORY FOR THIS NIGHT!! In the James Bond movies, women are always sexy!!  Bond is always elegant, whatever happens!!  Either in a Tuxedo, suit & tie or even a […]