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  Mardi Gras – New Orleans-style! The theme: 3 bead necklaces will be given to the men upon their arrival at the club. All women who “flash” them will receive a necklace. Guys, let them try to convince you to give them one of your necklaces!   A woman who has 10 bead necklaces around […]

Sunday afternoons (Candaulisme / Voyeur)     Gluttony Sundays! Do you love 3somes, gang-bangs and candaulisme? Are you a Dom and have a Sub you wish to challenge? Are you a woman with a big apetite… but not for conversations? Or, are you simply voyeur and this program makes you salivate…. Gluttonous Sundays… we’re asking […]

Along the lines of new things: For the past 2 or 3 years, our theme for Thursdays has been “Sexy Lounge”: relaxing music, chatting, meetings in a chill atmosphere. A change starting this week – we present: Pour rester dans le domaine de la nouveauté : SEXY GROOVE THURSDAYS! Not the same music as Fridays […]