Mardi Gras – New Orleans-style!
The theme: 3 bead necklaces will be given to the men upon their arrival at the club.

All women who “flash” them will receive a necklace.
Guys, let them try to convince you to give them one of your necklaces!


A woman who has 10 bead necklaces around her neck will receive a drink at the bar.

We’ll then take the necklaces and put them back into circulation!

Ladies, when a man gives you a necklace, make noise, be exuberant…

Attract as much attention to yourself as you can – you’ll see, it’ll be raining necklaces!



It’s not mandatory, but you can wear a costume.

The style? Ummm… kind of hard to define!

Just Google “Mardi Gras” and let your imagination run wild!

Sunday afternoons (Candaulisme / Voyeur)



Gluttony Sundays!

Do you love 3somes, gang-bangs and candaulisme?

Are you a Dom and have a Sub you wish to challenge?

Are you a woman with a big apetite… but not for conversations?

Or, are you simply voyeur and this program makes you salivate….
Gluttonous Sundays… we’re asking for more!


Pure joy!! These afternoons will be for couples, women and single men!

From 4pm to 8pm

Rates :

Couples who participate 20$

Single women who participate 10$

Single men 50$

Couples who do not participate 60$

Single women who do not participate 30$

Along the lines of new things:
For the past 2 or 3 years, our theme for Thursdays has been “Sexy Lounge”: relaxing music, chatting, meetings in a chill atmosphere.
A change starting this week – we present:
Pour rester dans le domaine de la nouveauté :


Not the same music as Fridays or Saturdays, but a change none the less.
Some Funky Groove, Deep House, Soul…
As well, now Thursdays will be FREE for single women!

We’re waiting for you starting this Thursday in a new atmosphere!