Update as May 10 2022

As of Saturday May 14th 2022 (Friday at midnight), everything is going back to normal (pre-pandemic): no more restrictions.

We are keeping this COVID-19 tab on our website for a little while…

Just in case…

Party time!!


Update March 8, 2022

Things are slowly coming together.

Here is the list of restrictions being loostened:

As of March 12 2022:

  • Capacity in bars at 100%;
  • There will not be a limit per table in either restaurants or bars;
  • Closing time is back to regular hours;
  • Dancing will be permitted;
  • The use of vaccine passports will stop.



Update February 18th 2022

Starting March 14th, everything is going back to normal! 

At the time of writing this, we aren’t sure if face masks will be mandatory or not. Consult this area to keep up to date. 



UPDATE as of December 20th 2021

As we all expected, L’Orage must close as of today December 20th. There is no re-opening date as of yet.

Let’s not be surprised, we all knew it was coming!

The upcoming theme nights have been postponed, the New Years Eve party is canceled.

The entire Orage team wishes you all a good end of year.



UPDATE as of November 18th 2021

We can now dance, stay open till 3am and we can use the 2nd floor! 

BUT… there’s always a but… with a lot of restrictions.

We must still check your vaccine passports at the entrance to the club, the mask must always be worn while walking around in the club and when dancing.

The 2nd floor… 

It’s going to be complicated and we’ll need your entire collaboration.

During our conversation, the inspector and myself admitted that L’Orage’s situation regarding Covid is more than sensitive. 

Starting with the principle of the club, neither Public Health, nor the police service will never give an official “go” to let couples “exchange” in the club but they do realize that there is an urgency here for L’Orage’s survival, so we came up with the following solution:

L’Orage in Covid-mode will become a meeting-club for exhibitionnism and voyeurism

Mask to go up to the end floor, and to “wander” around in the hallways. 

One couple per bed or game-station (mask not required). 

Voyeurs with mask and at 1 meter distance from one-another and of the scene they’re watching.


UPDATE as of November 15th 2021

Dancing (with a mask) is now allowed

Come and celebrate with us on November 19th and 20th: we’re having an 80s Party!

For the time being, the 2nd floor is still closed (we will keep you posted if this situation changes).


UPDATE as of November 4th 2021

The government has announced changes as of November 15th, these changes are not enough to adapt to a Swingers club.

Dancing? With a mask and at 1 meter distance from another person doesn’t seem too realistic for l’Orage.

As of today, no changes as we are concerned. No dancing, no 2nd floor.

The good news is that we are allowed to stand up in the bar (with a mask).

Consult this section regularly to keep up to date on any changes.

Thank you!


UPDATE as of October 1st 2021

Still no dancing, everyone must be seated at the bar or tables.

The 2nd floor play area is closed.

We are living through a particular period forcing us to modify our habits.

More than ever, we need to keep our ears open, stay united and make individual as well as collective efforts.

The functioning of the club and its rules have been turned over.

We thank you in advance for taking note of the changes, and thank you for helping us support them.


Special regulations COVID 19

The following modifications apply:

The vaccination passport is mandatory to enter the club.

When entering and exiting the club (especially for smoke breaks), the mask must be worn.

The 2nd floor playroom is temporarily closed.

These changes don’t make us very happy either but we ask you to help us get through this difficult period.

It is imperative to remain courteous if we ask you to put your mask on.

Any refusal or aggressive behavior will oblige us to ask you to leave the club

Repeat behavior will result in you being banned from the club.

All of the l’Orage members thank you for your efforts and understanding.