UPDATE as of October 1st 2021

Still no dancing, everyone must be seated at the bar or tables.

The 2nd floor play area is closed.

We are living through a particular period forcing us to modify our habits.

More than ever, we need to keep our ears open, stay united and make individual as well as collective efforts.

The functioning of the club and its rules have been turned over.

We thank you in advance for taking note of the changes, and thank you for helping us support them.


Special regulations COVID 19

The following modifications apply:

The vaccination passport is mandatory to enter the club.

When entering and exiting the club (especially for smoke breaks), the mask must be worn.

The 2nd floor playroom is temporarily closed.

These changes don’t make us very happy either but we ask you to help us get through this difficult period.

It is imperative to remain courteous if we ask you to put your mask on.

Any refusal or aggressive behavior will oblige us to ask you to leave the club

Repeat behavior will result in you being banned from the club.

All of the l’Orage members thank you for your efforts and understanding.