Newbie night.


We did it last June. Due to the success of the night, we have decided to renew the experience.

An evening in collaboration with our partner Take advantage, and get a free membership for a month on with the Orage promo code: 9160

Each weekend, L’Orage greets no less than 15% new couples.

Curious couples wanting to explore the Lifestyle.


For some, it’s easy but others are a little apprehensive.

We often get these questions:

Will we feel comfortable being the only new people at the L’Orage?

Will we find  some interest if we have no experience?

Will we feel like outsiders?


All of these questions are legitimate, and the answers depend on your personality.

You can’t forget that the main driver for the Lifestyle is renewal and discovery. The regulars are happy to meet up with their friends, but, in general, want to make new friends.


Our statistics indicate that 40% of L’Orage members on any given night, are part of one or more Facebook Lifestyle groups!

At L’Orage, we don’t want to get into a routine.

Therefore, we propose that December14th will be THE night for Newbies!

Take advantage of this special evening and try us out!


Those of you who come to the Club on March 16th, and don’t have a membership card, we will be doing a special of a one-night membership card for $25 per couple.

If, at the end of the night, you decide to become a member, we’ll deduct the $25 from the annual membership fee.


Attention : this offer only applies to NEW members, and not for renewals of membership cards.

Since there will be many people taking advantage of this occasion, you won’t be the only new ones at the club, and, probably in equal part to the regulars.



L’Orage’s New Year’s Eve party is one not to be missed!!

What do we want to do to in order to go from one year to another, and make it memorable?

A memorable evening, in a memorable place of course.


The formula: Champagne, gastronomic buffet, this evening at L’Orage offers for the past 24 years now, all of the conditions for great memories!

These past years we had different caterers for the buffet.

Always very good, very well presented.

Last year, we confided in Lili from L’Orage (our events Chef), and the comments were unanimous!!

Succulent, original, incredibly well presented, served with elegance by a sexy team.
The main comment? The best buffet we’ve ever had! So… why change the winning formula?
The DJ, well, he doesn’t have it easy….
We ask him to put mood music early in the evening, to have you dance to open your apetite, to calm things down so you can savor, to light the dancefloor on fire so you can dance the night away, and to stop everything at midnight for the countdown and a glass of Champagne.

After midnight, he must put the dancefloor afire again, even though it’s time to get to “other things” … more savory!

Our DJ SebM is ready for the challenge!

Another reason to party with us?

Most probably, it will be the first party at the new club!


  1. Reservation and payment in advance (Buffet, Champagne and the evening):
    Couples 100$

Single woman 50$


  1. At the door (Buffet, Champagne and the evening):
    Couple 130$
    Single woman 60$


  1. At the door – after midnight:
    Couple 80$
    Single woman 50$Reservations by Interact (write to us at or directly at the club when you visit next before December 21st.

Mrs Claus night:

There are a thousand and one ways to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

At L’Orage, it’s the Mrs Claus’ who attract all our attention!

A 5-year classic at L’Orage, this night is one of the most magical!


50-odd Mrs Claus’, each more sexy than the others!

The dress code for this evening is not mandatory, but like the saying goes: the more they’re crazy, the more we’re excited!
No Mrs Claus costume?

Red and White will be the theme colors.

And that… I know you have!!

Sunday afternoons (Candaulisme / Voyeur)



Gluttony Sundays!

Do you love 3somes, gang-bangs and candaulisme?

Are you a Dom and have a Sub you wish to challenge?

Are you a woman with a big apetite… but not for conversations?

Or, are you simply voyeur and this program makes you salivate….
Gluttonous Sundays… we’re asking for more!


Pure joy!! These afternoons will be for couples, women and single men!

From 4pm to 8pm

Rates :

Couples who participate 20$

Single women who participate 10$

Single men 50$

Couples who do not participate 60$

Single women who do not participate 30$

Along the lines of new things:
For the past 2 or 3 years, our theme for Thursdays has been “Sexy Lounge”: relaxing music, chatting, meetings in a chill atmosphere.
A change starting this week – we present:
Pour rester dans le domaine de la nouveauté :


Not the same music as Fridays or Saturdays, but a change none the less.
Some Funky Groove, Deep House, Soul…
As well, now Thursdays will be FREE for single women!

We’re waiting for you starting this Thursday in a new atmosphere!