Mrs Claus night:

There are a thousand and one ways to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

At L’Orage, it’s the Mrs Claus’ who attract all our attention!

A 5-year classic at L’Orage, this night is one of the most magical!


50-odd Mrs Claus’, each more sexy than the others!

The dress code for this evening is not mandatory, but like the saying goes: the more they’re crazy, the more we’re excited!
No Mrs Claus costume?

Red and White will be the theme colors.

And that… I know you have!!

November 2nd: Mascarade Night:


This is surely one of our most exciting evenings!

Red carpet, rose petals, float around in an anonymous universe!


Today, I kiss whomever I want, guess who I am…

Behind my mask, I kiss whomever I want today…

All is permitted (well, almost)!

Everyone transforms into another person, the mystery of the mask will affect those who wear it… and those who look!
Midnight… Masks off!

Masks will be offered at the entrance for those who aren’t aware of the theme of the evening, or for those with less imagination…

Sunday afternoons (Candaulisme / Voyeur)



Gluttony Sundays!

Do you love 3somes, gang-bangs and candaulisme?

Are you a Dom and have a Sub you wish to challenge?

Are you a woman with a big apetite… but not for conversations?

Or, are you simply voyeur and this program makes you salivate….
Gluttonous Sundays… we’re asking for more!


Pure joy!! These afternoons will be for couples, women and single men!

From 4pm to 8pm

Rates :

Couples who participate 20$

Single women who participate 10$

Single men 50$

Couples who do not participate 60$

Single women who do not participate 30$








In the James Bond films, the women are always incredibly sexy!!

Bond, well, he’s elegant, no matter the situation!

For this evening, a tuxedo, suit & tie, or, even a bowtie hanging loosely around his neck, makes him an irresistible man….

Am I right ladies?


At the bar, we will inevitably have a special on Martini Vodka, “shaken, not stirred” prepared by our lovely Luis! Attention ladies!

Made with Belvedere Vodka – since it’s  THE vodka of the next James Bond films.



Along the lines of new things:
For the past 2 or 3 years, our theme for Thursdays has been “Sexy Lounge”: relaxing music, chatting, meetings in a chill atmosphere.
A change starting this week – we present:
Pour rester dans le domaine de la nouveauté :


Not the same music as Fridays or Saturdays, but a change none the less.
Some Funky Groove, Deep House, Soul…
As well, now Thursdays will be FREE for single women!

We’re waiting for you starting this Thursday in a new atmosphere!