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DIVERSITY Thursdays at L’Orage

We are now in 2024 and although society has evolved a lot, there is still a little way to go! The evolution of gender recognition has nevertheless meant that we lock ourselves more and more into boxes. Today there are evenings for gays, others for lesbians, for non-binary people, transsexuals, transvestites, polyamorous couples, lifestyle couples and single men, in short... as many labels as of genres!


DIVERSITY Thursdays at L’Orage: L’Orage has always been at the forefront and for this reason we have the pleasure of inviting you to our new diversity evenings, open to all gender diversities and all sexual orientations.

Join us every Thursday for an unforgettable evening with the music of our excellent DJ (Dj sundown)!! Let yourself be carried away by a sexy atmosphere, without taboos and full of pleasure. Come and discover our extraordinary play area that you can enjoy without any judgment. Prepare to experience intense moments and meet diverse people like you!

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Price for all $25.00

Annual membership
(valid on Thursdays only) $45.00
21:00 to 2:00

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