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L’Orage Club of Montreal is unique in Canada, it is without contest, the lifestyle club by excellence. With it’s bar-lounge, it’s dance floor and DJs, it’s two open-concept floors, make L’Orage a unique space for lovers of eroticism, sexuality, based on voyeurism and exhibitionism! A European concept: At L’Orage, we favor exhibitionism and voyeurism. Everything is open concept, you will not find any closed rooms.

Alcohol: L’Orage Club is a private club, responsible, holding a liquor permit. Moderation always tastes better when you keep your senses for the rest of the evening!

Here are some photos and visuals that presents the Orage Club (Montreal). The photos/videos presented on the website or social networks were taken during an evening re-enactment (Use of a cell phone, smart phone, recording or broadcasting device, etc. is strictly prohibited)… and masks are of course to keep the anonymity of our dear extras… so kind!


The history of the lifestyle and its clubs is relatively recent in Canada. In 1996, Jean Paul Labaye, of French origin, decided to open L’Orage Club, the first street front lifestyle club. In 1998, a police raid, largely covered by the media, propels L’Orage Club into a legal saga which ended December 2005.

The verdict? The Supreme Court of Canada votes in favor of Mr Labaye, and legalises lifestyle clubs in Canada. Many clubs have surfaced, few have survived. If the lifestyle is a life-style, having a lifestyle club can only be motivated by passion.

It is this passion that, 25 years later, L’Orage Club is still going strong, more solid than ever. Recognized across borders, it is one of the main lifestyle destinations in Canada, the US, and in Europe.

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